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Application Description


PRNNS application is a set of tools implementing functions of restoring lost fragments of digitized patterns using trained neural networks simulation. The main goal of the application is to reconstruct as real as possible the full pattern having some information about lost fragments.

Main features

·         Digital patterns processing and restore.

·         Neuron networks simulation and training.

·         Educational tool for teaching students how to use grid.


Results obtained


Application is in process of single grid node testing, deployment and benchmarking. The results will be announced by the end of February 2008.

Expected scientific impact:


Using computing capacity of GRID it is possible to process big damaged images, the damaged space pictures and etc.  The application could be used for medical, scientific, education and other purposes

Expected social impact:


Digital pictures and other patterns lost for scientific circles and society can be restored.


 User community 


Main users of the application are computer science specialists, images recognition and restoration researchers, medical and weather specialists, teachers, students.




The closer collaboration with other projects and VOs will be established after finishing application deployment.




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