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15.10.2007 - 16.10.2007, Free International University of Moldova organises ITSEC-2007 Conference..
The ITSEC-2007 Conference's goal is to discuss ways for successful solving of the informational security assurance problems, to analyze the present situation in this field, to establish the main important results and directions of activities. Security specialists from RENAM and Technical University of Moldova had made next presentations:
  1. Analysis and Prevention of Computer Accidents in the RENAM Network. By Petru Bogatencov, Veaceslav Sidorenco, Alexei Altuhov, Alexander Golubev.
  2. Deploying Certification Authority – The Key Element in the Security Infrastructure. By Valentin Pocotilenco, Veaceslav Sidorenco, Alexei Altuhov, Petru Bogatencov.
  3. Security framework for European Scientific Grid Computing. By Veaceslav Sidorenco.
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