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The XtreemOS European project ( is happy to announce the first public version of the XtreemOS Grid Operating System.

XtreemOS is a 4-year IP project started in June 2006 partially funded by the European Commission under contract #IST-0033576.
XtreemOS involves 19 academic and industrial partners: CDC (administrative and financial coordinator), INRIA (scientific coordinator), STFC, CNR, EADS, EDF, Edge-IT/Mandriva, NEC, SAP, BSC, University of Ulm, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, XLAB, ZIB, T6, ICT/CAS, RedFlag Software, Telefonica I+D S.A.U, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

The XtreemOS project aims at designing, implementing and promoting an open source Linux-based Grid Operating System providing native virtual organization support. The XtreemOS operating system is designed for large-scale highly dynamic grids. One of the main objectives of XtreemOS is to ease the use, administration and programming of Grid infrastructures. XtreemOS offers both the POSIX and SAGA interface. Three flavours of XtreemOS are developed for standalone PCs, clusters and mobile devices.

Download XtreemOS software at where release notes are available.

Your feed-back on this early version of the XtreemOS Grid OS will be highly appreciated.

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