Characteristics, technical parameters and special features of «DICOM Network»

Training session “Characteristics, technical parameters and special features of distributed informational system «DICOM Network».

The Emergency Medicine Institute brings together Specialists in medical images, Medics , scientists ,engineers, developers and project managers interested in "DICOM Network" informational system in order to share experiences and knowledge as well as to investigate the possibility of creating best common practices. During the meeting will be organized training and hands on sessions with doctors and other medical staff who is interested in using "DICOM Network" for their practices. Beside this during the meeting will be discussed future project development and usage of VI-SEEM project infrastructure for system enhancement. 

Friday, 22 April 2016



Concept and general analysis of «DICOM Network» system for medical imagistic. Prospects of the system development taking into account the possibilities of using computer infrastructure and resources of VI-SEEM project.

Peter Bogatencov (IMI ASM, RENAM), Golubev Alexandr           (RENAM)



Resources of the Regional Computing Infrastructure of VI-SEEM Project.

Nikolai Iliuha  (RENAM)



Technical, information and innovative aspects of the implementation of the «DICOM Network» system. Comparative analysis with existing analogues. Overview of technical possibilities of «DICOM Network»

Golubev Alexandr (RENAM)



Online DEMO of «DICOM Network» system operation for various users. Hands-on session.

Golubev Natalia (Institute of Emergency Medicine)